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The Innocent Prophet - English Version

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Do you Know? Are you aware?Apollonius of Tyana.

Did you Know? Are you Aware?
The Roman conquerors were occupying the Mid East at the time of the Arab Hebrew Tribe when Jesus the Christ and Saul, alias Paul (a more friendly Gentile name for the purpose of conversion) preached to multitudes and Peter, the Rock headquartered himself in the Capital City Rome, was Crucified in that great City upside down because he begged not to be Crucified as his Master, Jesus. "I am not worthy!" he cried out. All this knowledge easily found in the NT. Now you as a Christian are expected to accept this story as Truth because it is written in your Bible as "The Word  of God"!
Now let us examine this with records of the Jews, because if anyone was there we know it was the Jews. Here we find no mention of any of these characters performing great wonders among the multiples, which originally consisted of mainly Jews. Now if they that were actually present didn't believe, why should you or I believe? We know Thomas did not believe the hearsay stories of the others until he saw Jesus himself. Then it was no longer hearsay to him.
Let us go a little further examining Secular Roman Records. We find the Romans recorded everything that happened in their occupied lands even geological events such as Storms, Earthquakes etc. We find a man, who created a legend of himself at the same  period and location of when it is claimed Jesus and His Disciples lived. That man was named: Apollonius of Tyana.
The voice which had one night cried to the ship's captain, "Pan, great Pan is dead!" still echoed over the Tyrrhenian sea; the three magi of Chaldma had hardly climbed their towers after their journey to Bethlehem -- when Apollonius was born in the little town of Tyana in what is now Turkey.
According to legend, great wonders marked his birth. The least remarkable, though still interesting because it is quite credible, seems to be worthy of being set down here. It is claimed his pregnant mother was walking in a meadow; she lay down on the grass and went to sleep. Some wild swans, at the end of a long flight, approached her and by their cries and the beating of their wings awakened her so suddenly that the infant Apollonius was born prematurely right there at the moment. Possibly -- for there is a relation according to our superstitious ancestors between the birth of certain persons and the life which surrounds them -- these swans had foreseen and marked by their presence the fact that on that day was to be born a being whose soul would be as white as their own plumage and who, like them would be a glorious wanderer.

.Apollonius did wonderful magical things through his observation of Natural laws of Nature in Chemistry and mastering the study of hypnosis. People started to claim he was a God. But he reluctantly said No. What I do is all through the study and understanding of Nature. He could have easily been the father of today's Sciences. His travels were similar to Jesus and Paul, yet he never mentioned them, but he lived to a ripe old age of 80 plus years. Seldom achieved in the unsanitary conditions of those times. Some scholars claim he may have been the model blueprint for the creation of the NT by Emperor Constantine and his crony Bishop Eusebius of Nicomedia.

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Did you Know? Are you Aware?

Did you Know? Are you Aware? Roman Catholicism depends on its leadership, particularly the Pope, to interpret difficulties. In the early years of Protestantism, the Roman Catholic Inquisition executed people who published the Bible and made it available to the people. Opponents suggest this move was to protect biblical flaws from public discovery. Here you see how a lie is redirected. The current
Pope has recently declared the animals in the manger scene was really not there.
A manger or stable always held animals. Deism Reason tells one that is not the fable of the Christmas story the Pope claims it to be. The real fable is the Census, which secular history of the times shows was never ordered or made. It only appears as such in the NT. More that is fable is the Jewish King Herod placed in power by the Romans to keep an eye on the troublesome Jews and being forewarned by the Magi that a New King of the Jews was to be born from an old man who paid a dowry to the parents of his teen aged bride, who now was in labor with child. And because of the crowds of Census people their would be no room at the Inn.
This fable is told about the three wise Kings of the Orient who {if one uses Reason) are not human but only exist at the Winter Solstice as a heavenly Body. Let us review the signs of the Zodiac. It will inform us that the three stars in the Orient Belt line up with the brightest star of the East pointing the direction the Sun will rise on the 25th of December a tad higher than its lowest point reached three days ago on Dec. 21st. This was all tied to an unnoticed wobble the Earth has as it is spinning. After all they had no idea the Earth was spinning because in the OT it is conceived as being flat. Viewed at Stonehenge it's been happening even today at the same time/talk about long term precision!. To the Wise the Sun was God and had died to be born again after three days culminating at the Spring/Easter when days of light become longer than days of darkness. Therefore at Resurrection He becomes the Light of the World. King of Kings. We shall eat again and drink from the Vine. Thus another cycle starts. This is the force that is keeping the greedy economy in power for the 1% and Zionist Jews leading Christians to war against the Other slant (copied from the same book) as an evil enemy taking over their land,farms, Each blaming it all on a very Human God.houses and making them second class citizens. Time for each of us to wake up and start smelling the roses of Peace and the Golden Rule. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!" May Peace and Progress be yours.

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The American Dream By The Provocateur Network

The Roman Procurator smiled "What is Truth"?

I sense from descriptions in the 
Hebrew Bible, that Yahweh,
the god of the ancient Hebrews 
started in their oral 
'Nomad Folklore' was a raging 
male volcano god. Changed in 
location to abide in a non volcano 
called Mount Sinai. 
Here are some examples 
(But first it is not the Mount Sinai 
that  they claim today, which is not 
a volcano, but could easily be
 Mount Bedr, a volcano in 
north-western Saudi Arabia). 
The mountain that is currently 
called Mount Sinai is not the one 
described in the Bible.  
 When Moses took the Israelites 
out of Egypt, each tribe was 
gathered under its own 
banner -- illustrated with an 
image of a god. 
A lion was depicted on the banner 
of Judah, probably looking much 
like the Egyptian Sphinx. 
A serpent, named Nechushtan
was depicted on the banner of the 
tribe of Dan. Speaking of Dan 
let us unravel the following 
inconsistency in time.   
 In the 14th chapter of
Genesis, the writer gives an 
account of Lot being taken 
prisoner in a battle between the 
four kings against five, and 
carried off; and that when the 
account of Lot being taken, 
came to Abraham, he armed
all his household and marched 
to rescue Lot from the captors, 
and that he pursued them 
unto Dan (ver. 14).
To show in what manner this 
expression pursuing them unto Dan
applies to the case in question, 
I will refer to two circumstances,
the one in America, the other 
in France. The city now 
called New York,in America, 
was originally New Amsterdam; 
and the town in France,  lately 
called Havre Marat, was before 
called Havre de Grace. 
NewAmsterdam was changed to 
New York in the year 1664; 
Havre de Grace to Havre Marat 
in 1793. Should, therefore, 
any writing be found,
though without date, 
in which the name of New York 
should be mentioned, it would be 
certain evidence that such a 
uniting could not have been 
written before, but must have been 
written after New Amsterdam 
was changed to New York, 
and consequently, not till after
the year 1664, or at least during 
the course of that year. And, in
like manner, any dateless writing 
with the name of Havre Marat would
be certain evidence that such a 
writing must have been written after
Havre de Grace became Havre Marat, 
and consequently not till after 
the year 1793, or at least during 
the course of that year.
I now come to the application of 
those cases, and to show that
there was no such place as Dan, 
till many years after the death of
Moses, and consequently, 
that Moses could not be the writer 
of the book of Genesis, where 
this account of pursuing them 
unto Dan is given. The place that 
is called Dan in the Bible was 
originally a town
of the Gentiles called Laish; 
and when the tribe of Dan seized 
upon this town, they changed its 
name to Dan, in commemoration 
of Dan, who was the father of that 
tribe, and the great grandson of 
To establish this in proof, 
it is necessary to refer from Genesis,
to the 18th chapter of the book 
called the Book of Judges. It is there
said (ver. 27) that they (the Danites) 
came unto Laish to a people
that were quiet and secure, 
and they smote them with the edge 
of the sword 
(the Bible is filled with murder), 
and burned the city with
fire; and they built a city (ver. 28), 
and dwelt therein, and they
called the name of the city Dan, 
after the name of Dan, their
father, howbeit the name of the city 
was Laish at the first.    
This account of the Danites 
taking possession of Laish and
changing it to Dan, is placed 
in the Book of Judges immediately
after the death of Sampson. 
The death of Sampson is said to have
happened 1120 years before Christ, 
and that of Moses 1451 
beforeChrist; and, therefore, 
according to the historical 
arrangement, the place was not 
called Dan till 331 years after 
the death of Moses.    
 Later, a bronze image of 
Nechushtan was placed in 
Solomon's temple -- and stayed 
there until much later, 
when King Hezekiah melted the 
bronze from which the idol 
was made. It is possible that 
the tribes adopted these gods 
during the hundreds of years 
they spent in Egypt. 
Or perhaps the tribes were 
never part of the descendants 
of Abraham that accepted Yahweh 
during the covenant, 
and only joined this loose 
alliance of tribes later. 
Possibly, the covenant 
never happened and was only 
a later myth, added to the 
cycle of origin stories 
in the Bible. No one 
really knows. But the images 
on the banners were there, 
showing the tribes' alliances 
to other gods. 
The tribe of the Levites, 
with whom Moses was associated, 
was another matter altogether. 
They worshiped a thundering, 
fierce god, whose location 
was either Mount Horeb, 
or Mount Sinai. 
Very likely the two mountains 
are one and the same -- 
there is no proof either way. 
Was this god the same Yahweh, 
the God of Abraham? 
Very possibly. If not, 
the two entities, 
Yahweh of Abraham and 
the warrior god of the 
Levites were combined into 
one impressive entity that 
Moses, very likely a full-blooded 
Levite himself, had adopted 
as his own God. That is proven 
by the fact that later, 
only the Levites acted as priests 
to Yahweh in the various Temples.  
One of the main power of the 1% 
has been imposing Hearsay Religion 
of different slants dividing even 
more-so us 99%. Did you know 
that when Moses was written to 
have come down from 
speaking face to face with the 
Hebrew God, who lived on top of a 
volcano originally and not Mount Sinai, 
Moses was depicted to 
have grown horns because 
the almighty Sun had just left 
the great year of the Bull 
and entered the Celestial 
Zodiac Calendar of the Ram..
You shall be aware of this 
and much more reading 
all about these subjects in 
Thomas Paine's Informative Book 
"The Age of Reason".