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Faith in Revealed Religion Killing Innocents in 21st Century

As a Roman Catholic I have heard about things such as the following below among the Christian Scientist, but thank God most Churches do not carry it to such extremes. After all many Doctors are able to afford handsome contributions. If you are ill and a member your Church will place you on the prayer list. The majority of people attending Church regularly today is mainly Social. However, I believe laws should be made to put a halt and stop any of the practices listed below by any Religion. Al

"Revealed" Religion Believed by parents whose God Given Reason was Stifled by their Great Holy Faith in believing what is called The Word of God in The New Testament and their ignorant Faith Killing Innocent Children!

Harrison Johnson Amy Hermanson Ian Lundman 4 month old Caleb

The Unacceptable Cost of "Revealed" Religion

by Robert L. Johnson

All four little innocent children pictured above are victims of religious superstition. All four children died because their parents believed in the faith-healing BS that the Bible is full of.

The first little child who's pictured above is Harrison Johnson. In September of 1998 he was stung by over 430 yellow-jackets. His parents are Christians who believe in "faith-healing" so they prayed for him for seven hours before calling for medical help. Harrison died. His parents actions are perfectly legal in the state of Florida where this tragedy took place. This murderous behavior is also legal in 45 other states in the 50 United States. The only states that are progressive enough to not permit the killing of innocent children for religious "reasons" are Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts and South Dakota.

The second child pictured above is Amy Hermanson from Sarasota, Florida. She had diabetes. She also had Christian Science parents. The two don't mix and Amy lost. Amy was visibly sick for a period of four weeks. As many people do who believe in the hocus pocus of faith-healing, Amy's mother was pretending everything was alright. She took Amy to visit a neighbor who encouraged her to take Amy to a doctor. She refused. A few minutes latter Amy crawled into the room begging her mother to take her home. Amy died a few days latter.

The third picture is of Ian Lundman from Minnesota. He also suffered from both diabetes and Christian Science parents. Minnesota is one of the 46 backward states stepped in superstition where it's perfectly legal to kill kids if your religious beliefs embrace faith-healing. Ian exhibited all the signs and warnings of diabetes: frequent urination, vomiting and labored breathing. His custodial mother did nothing but hire a Christian Science practioner and Christian Science nurse. Since they believe in the deadly superstition of faith-healing they offered no medical help. Ian became yet another victim of "revealed" religion.

The fourth child pictured in his casket is Caleb Tribble who was a casualty of "revealed" religion/ignorance. Caleb lived his very short life in New Zealand. He was only four months old when faith healing took his priceless life. Caleb's sad case demonstrates that the mental illness of "revealed" religion knows no boundaries. Deists and other people of reason need to work together across all boundaries in order to protect the innocent children from these irreversible catastrophes brought on by the superstitious and their "revealed" religions.

It's estimated that every month between 1 and 5 children die in the US alone due to the religious superstition of their parents or guardians. The World Union of Deists is trying to change the laws that allow this assault on our children and our reason. We are currently circulating petitions that call for an end to the religious exemptions that promote this type of deadly superstition. Please help us by taking part in this important effort. Send an email to me at: indicating your desire to help us in this matter and I'll help you draft a petition for your state. Don't let Harrison's death, and the deaths of the other innocent children, be for nothing. Together we will make a difference!


New Page Up - The Fraud of Faith-Healing!
The Bible promise of faith-healing is a fraud.
One of the reasons I decided to go back to Thomas Paine's The Age of Reason was seeing that the promises in the Bible are false. In particular, I realized that the promise of healing was not true. With that in mind, I just put up a new page called The Fraud of Faith-Healing. It lists three Bible quotes, two of which make the promise of faith-healing and one which promises to give you anything you ask for in prayer, which by definition would include faith-healing. Below the Bible quotes are listed eight organizations devoted to healing sick people. Their very existence proves t
We Now Have the Statute Citations Regarding Exemptions That Allow Adults/Parents to Withhold Medical Care From Sick/Injured Children!

Note from Blogger Al: Click Child Inc for details Below:

I'd like to thank Rita Swan of CHILD, Inc. for giving me a copy of all the state statutes which make it legal to withhold medical care from sick and/or injured children. This allows us to circulate petitions to fight for the removal of these archaic laws that are so deadly to innocent children. If you'd like to have a petition drawn up for your state please send an email at listing the state you want the petition for. In the near future we will have them online as well.
You Can Now Bulk Order Copies of the Book Deism: A Revolution in Religion, A Revolution in You! This is a great way for Deists to generate funds for a local chapter of the World Union of Deists! For more information please click here. Also, you can still get a free copy of the book with a six month or more subscription to Deistic Thought & Action!! Click here for details.
Progress! Bob Johnson

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