Sunday, July 12, 2009

Do yourself and the World a Favour

Do yourself and the World a Favour Become a Deist!

As our Nations Forefathers !.

Once the King of England's Theocratic Control was defeated. A new strategy was embarked upon through the Church. Claiming they were members of a secret society called free masons. If the Church found you to be a member you would be excommunicated to burn in Hell. We know it as The Masonic Lodge. Some members today are from the very Churches that condemned them at that time. Read what Thomas Paine, a Deist (Believer in the Natural Creator) wrote about Free Masonry proving he nor Thomas Jefferson nor Benjamin Franklyn nor George Washington did not follow this anymore than they followed Christianity as their personal religion. They plus many more were Deist trusting only in God. They put a plaque on the very top of the Washington Monument, 'Laus deo' meaning "Praise be to God" A fully Deist saying. Not Praise to Yahweh! Not praise to Jesus! Not praise to Allah! And though the King of England thought we would fail in just a few years as to insure he blockaded us. Nothing could stop free men. We became the greatest Richest Advanced Nation this planet ever witnessed prior to or after.

Do not follow along those who try to mislead you placing adds on this site trying to persuade you away from truth. They do this simply because they fear losing their control over your mind. There are neo cons who think man must be controlled by a demanding God putting fear/ most people are incapable of living their lives without a belief in a God who would punish them for disobedience, and reward them for obedience. In order for the people to know what this God demanded of them. A Professor Leo Strauss was their leader. To learn more of Strauss and Neo Cons click Title of Post Above

To keep our country in the correct direction maintaining freedom for our children and grandchildren so they shall be able to out think the Intellectual Liars keeping progress stagnant/ Educate yourself a little more along the Sciences: Astronomy, Mathematical laws and chemical formulae Biological discoveries including DNA. Things founded recently through our God given Reason for a direct revelation to each one of us from Our Creator, including the Creation of ourselves, by an intelligent designer. The true Word of Nature's God communicated to everyone without the need of language. Directly to each and therefore no hearsay revelation as the Hebrew Bible the New Testament or the Koran. In hearsay we are not putting our faith that God actually said the word but we are putting our faith in the one who wrote it or translated from the one language to the other. The religions have twisted our faith so many times over explaining things that can not exist that now we must rediscover the reason Nature's God has blessed us with moving us far beyond our animal roots.

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