Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hidden Truths.

The face of America before WW2 saved Capitalism.  Franklyn D. Roosevelt was able to
secure full time job openings  saving our country from a full scale revolution. Just a decade
and a half  prior to this horrible world event the US Army had turned guns on the US Vets of
WW1. The veterans, after being Honorably Discharged, had no civilian jobs to go to.
Someone else had taken their position.
This was the start  of  forming of Labor Unions.

Once the United States entered the second world war: Factories and armed services took up the unemployment slack, Money could be printed without gold backup as a Federal Note.

And still today is being printed even faster than ever!

Roosevelt became the hero, having extended the life of Capitalism.
But, only as a house of cards because to keep it stable he removed the greed owner foundation
replacing it with a Socialistic Foundation Making the United States something which it never was
intended to be. A Militarist Nation..  This way to keep employment numbers livable excess labor
is taken by the armed services and paid for by the employed taxpayers.
 Big business claims of paying the lion's share go unfounded when one realizes whatsoever they
pay the cost is added to their products selling price to keep a profitable return. And so that cost
is also borne by the consumer, you or I.

How many are aware of that????

And to this very date! Making all feel prosperous, without prosperity. Faith has sprung so twisted
from Hearsay Revealed Religions that it has even canceled our Natural Reason on monetary
. How many wars have we fought since WW2  to keep citizens employed and happy with
The Capitalistic Economy? Now that we think we are all venturous capitalists:
Have our greedy souls learned anything????

Some powerful pictures: "When the wealthy were in control, freely unchecked!":

during the years of
1935 - 1939

Look at the total despair in their eyes and body language. These are your ancestors. The youngest may still be living. Through their courage they kept the American dream alive for all!

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