Tuesday, January 5, 2010

“the book of Beginnings;”

Christians tout Genesis as “the book of Beginnings;” they go back to it to establish the reason for their very existence as a religion. Without the Garden of Eden story and the “fall” of man they have no reason to exist! In chapter three we find the story of Adam’s “help meet” Eve (the woman created from Adam’s rib) eating the forbidden fruit after being tempted by the “serpent” (Satan). Yes, Adam sinned (ate the forbidden fruit) after being tempted by his wife Eve; he was cursed and cast out of the garden of Eden, forever condemning his off-spring (all of mankind). Thus the necessity of a savior, Jesus, to rescue mankind from the curse of Adam’s “original” sin. I ask you: could anything be more absurd? The basis of the entire Christian world rests on this fabulous, mythological, story found in the first three chapters of Genesis!

On the surface of it, no one in their right mind could possibly believe these accounts and that is why thousands of books have been written to attempt to explain it. A whole new science had to be devised known as “apologetics” – the defense of Christianity! This is where we find ourselves today; after centuries of the clergy fiercely defending their power and wealth. Sad to say they have succeeded in keeping the vast majority of people in total and complete ignorance.

The Founders

Over the years there have been a few who have seen through it; the founders of the American and French revolutions: men like Thomas Jefferson; George Washington; Thomas Paine; Benjamin Franklin; James Madison; John Adams; Ethan Allen; John Hancock; Paul Revere; Alexander Hamilton; Voltaire; Robespierre. These truly great men have given us the freedoms we enjoy today, it was their hope that the age of enlightenment would continue and that mankind would finally emerge from the centuries of ignorance and superstition. Unfortunately, the clergy of the orthodox churches have managed to vilify men like Thomas Paine and Voltaire with outrageous smear campaigns and cover over the true religious beliefs of men like Washington, Jefferson, Franklin and others. At this point, it appears; it will almost take another revolution to educate today’s youth; the clergy and the educators have succeeded in dumbing down the vast majority of our people. In the United States of America children are not taught about the founding of our country, they know nothing of the Founding Fathers. They know little about Washington, Jefferson and Franklin, but they know nothing about Thomas Paine.

Thomas Paine, in my opinion, was the greatest of all the Founding Fathers. While George Washington wielded the sword, Tom Paine wielded the pen. He wrote the 50 page tract, “Common Sense” which was read by hundreds of thousands in the colonies. It swayed opinion in favor of the revolt against the crown. As a matter of fact it was read to the New York Assembly just before they took a vote on whether to go to war or not. Due to “Common Sense” they voted in favor of the Revolution. If they had voted otherwise the war would not have happened. All Americans should read Tom Paine’s “Common Sense,” but sadly most Americans have never heard of it, much less Thomas Paine. You see, he should have gone down in history as the greatest Founding Father. Throughout the war he wrote a series of essays called The American Crisis -- the first one starts out, “These are times that try men’s souls: The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands it NOW, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; …” December 19, 1776.

Why was Thomas Paine relegated to the ash heap of history instead of given the honor he deserved? For one reason and one reason only: in 1792 he wrote his beliefs concerning religion in a book called “The Age Of Reason .” He was a Deist who believed in the one true Creator of heaven and earth, whose works are visible all around us in the very creation. His favorite Bible verse was Psalm 19, “The heavens declare the glory of the Almighty …” These works of the Creator cannot be changed by man, whereas the Bible can be falsified, mistranslated, interpolated, mishandled and misused, which in fact it has been for centuries! Men claim to have “the truth,” in fact they all claim to have it. The Christians have it, the Jews have it, the Muslims have it, the Hindus have it, yes, they all have it. The problem is no one believes the others have it -- so the world has witnessed countless wars, murders, and tortures throughout history continuing up to this present day. Thomas Paine understood this clearly over 200 years ago. In “Common Sense” he argued in favor of the overthrow of the English monarchy in order to set up a government free of religion, instead of the Church/State government of England. He believed people would then be free to discuss religion openly and honestly without fear of being burned at the stake for disagreeing with the religion of the king! He believed that by having people use their reason they would overcome the absurdities found in the Bible and the church.

In “The Age Of Reason” Thomas Paine goes into detail explaining where each book of the Bible came from, pointing out that the authors of the books are unknown and dates they were written are unknown. Pointing out that the “miracles” are nothing more than mythology handed down via hear-say with no eye witnesses. He dared to put the clergy in their place! Of course, he paid the price, as he knew he would. They lied about him and vilified him until the day he died and then they lied about what he said on his death bed. They said he begged the Almighty for forgiveness for writing “The Age Of Reason,” this was a total lie. Nevertheless, this story was written in books and millions of unsuspecting people have believed the lies over the years. Such is the power of the Church and the Press. The people of this country, America, have been dumbed down, the children are no longer given an education, instead they are given an indoctrination.

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