Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pope John Paul II beat himself for Jesus!

Here is something more I just learned that shocked and surprised me. Click on the underlined words (reports and prohibits) to check the validation, the source of what I am referring to.
A new book called Why a Saint? By Monsignor Slawomir Oder reports that Pope John Paul II would whip himself with a belt. The "reason" for this act of self-abuse was to feel closer to God.

Both offshoots of the Abrahamic "revealed religions" (Islam and Christianity) incorporate in their doctrine the sickness of self flagellation
Their Abrahamic root Judaism does not recognize this self destructive act. And claims the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament prohibits it.

That the unnatural and harmful practice of self-flagellation is not a part of the natural religious/spiritual philosophy of Deism, I find, lends it an important 'Plus'. It demonstrates that Our God-given reason protects us if we make the decision to use it. Deists are not potential victims of ancient lunatics like Saul, alias Paul. And the reason I would never be a victim is not because I believe, as Judaism teaches, that God told us not to do such things through ancient open to interpretation alleged "holy scriptures", but because my God-given reason tells me right here and right now that it is foolish and wrong to do such destructive acts. And I believe many of us in this 21st Century feel as I do.
I really admired Pope John Paul II.

Now, learning this news, I find out he as countless others were and are so firmly in the grasp of ancient superstitions and harmful nonsense.

It is this same twisted unreasonable thinking and acceptance of the Bible as the word of God that also leads to sincere loving parents withholding medical care from their sick or injured children until the children actually die.

I feel all people of Reason have a duty to awaken these sincere mislead people to educate them to the fact that God gave us reason, and ancient ignorant men gave us "revealed" religions.

There are many more people who feel that way sitting in all kinds of different houses of worship just to belong among their friends. These people lean more in their thinking to being a Deist than the religion they are registered as. We must make them realize that by chasing after these ancient superstitions they are chasing after what credulous men wrote and superstitiously believed, while all the while they are turning their backs on their Creator and their Creator's gift to them of reason. The ancient Greeks and Romans, like all Deists, believed we can only get close to God through our God-given reason.

Below is a quote from Bob Johnson.

"This realization must once again become common knowledge. Once this connection is made, sincere "revealed" religionists will evolve into Deists! And the world will move forward toward true unstoppable progress! It's all up to us and our actions as Deists!"

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