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Dalai Lama

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Let us examine the Dalai Lama with Reason.
A quick history Started by the Mongolian ruler to take Tibet away from China into their fold all the way back in 1438 ce. Long before Socialist China.

In 1438 the head of the order and the first Dalai Lama established a monastery at Tashilhundpo, but the second Dalai Lama established the monastery of Drepung, near Lhasa, as the permanent seat of the line.

The third Dalai Lama (1543-1588) was first given the title "Dalai Lama" (lama is a Tibetan term that translates the Sanskrit guru, or "teacher"; dalai - "ocean, or all-embracing" - is apparently a partial translation of the third Dalai Lama's name) by a Mongol leader, Altan Khan, who led his followers to convert to Tibetan Buddhism.

The grandson of Altan Khan was identified as the fourth Dalai Lama, thus solidifying Mongolian-Tibetan ties but threatening the Chinese rulers.

Throughout their reign it was killing wars  The Dalai Lama running into exile then returning.

Let us examine the Dalai Lama with Reason. Cont.
Bringing Dalai Lama history up to date and skipping from the 4th to the present 14th:

The 14th Dalai Lama, then, inherited his office on the basis of the belief that he was a reincarnation of each of the previous Dalai Lamas as well as the 74th manifestation of Avalokiteshvara, the first being an Indian Brahmin boy who lived at the time of the historical Buddha, Shakyamuni.

Each Dalai Lama is "discovered" on the basis of omens and signs. Letters from the previous Dalai Lama are often cited in identification. Most important for determination is the Nechung oracle, who is believed to incarnate the god Pehar or Dorje Drakden, one of the protector deities of the Dalai Lama and with whom he consults at least annually. This forebears more Priestcraft Mystery and Mumbo Jumbo Hearsay Revealed Religions have through thousands of years of practice, spew so very well.

A medium enters a trance in which his face is said to be transformed. A 30-pound helmet is placed on his head; he wields a sword and dances slowly while speaking words of the deity which need interpretation. Consulting this and other oracles remains a regular element of the Dalai Lama's activity.

On October 26, 1951, Chinese troops again entered Lhasa. With the Tibetan uprising in 1959, the Dalai Lama fled to India, where he set up his residence in Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh.

He needs weapons to return part of Legitimate China back to his control as a separate Nation. And the warlord Companies that thrive on confusion can hardly wait for the killing they have edged on to beginand hopefully in their evil profit ways spread..

Below is an excellent motivation in a minute movie I found from same named company on web. Worth sharing to those in business for self or thinking of same. Even to keep in your mind for general knowledge.  Just click the url below.

For some reason our system in the west loves to keep people backward by defending ignorant superstitious beliefs defending them as culture. Holding Man in an abyss of non-progress.

Perhaps it is control worthy, and profitable, "$6.4 billion arms sale package to Taiwan", Recently broadcast on World News and mentioned in Newspapers.

Evidently our government of today don't care who kills who as long as a profit is made. And our citizens have been subjugated to think Good!
We are helping the good Chinese against their Evil Chinese Brothers and Sisters; to win back their lost freedoms.

We try not to think on "Whomsoever dies"; well, that is the price of Capitalistic or Socialistic (Whichever side chosen).

We will even approve our own troops to insure victory for what we have termed the "good Chinese".

A big war is a win win situation to many callous leaders. Economies boom with 100% Employment. A wonderful depopulation for employment seekers to be back on payroll on the post war civilian peace economy.

The big fat cats sit back to rest having won another decade of profit.

To avoid this calamity we must shorten the terms of those holding office. Including the House and the Senate, which is what our forefathers had in mind. And somehow got swept under the rug. Holding Political Office was not supposed to be a man/Ladies career for the rest of his/her life. It was viewed as temporary duties of Honor.

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