Monday, March 8, 2010

Revolution in Religion

The answer is Deism! The Natural Religion where God is truly love and Reason is the greatest gift bestowed on Mankind. That which separates us from inhumanities performed by men saying that they alone hold the knowledge of what their deity wants of his creations.

Common knowledge of living by the Golden Rule (Loving, understanding kindness from you shown toward and from your fellow species making our journey, adventure of life filled with wonderful learning and appreciation for our Creator and the unique gifts each one being special has developed.

Throw off  the man made Bible deities and their man made rules to treat you as unreasonable animals and slaves. This has been an insult to Our God, who reveals personally and lovingly to all. 

Do unto your Neighbor kindness as you would like them to be done to  yourself).

I write this to all my friends who live their life in accordance with the Abrahamic Book, which include Hebrews; Agnostics; Christians; Muslims. Also those who follow Buddhism; and all so called Revealed religions that are revealed to ancient special individuals and can only be accepted through priestcraft having had the definition of "Hearsay" changed to a 2nd Religious definition termed  "Enlightened  Hearsay"and introduced by Wagner, who published a consequential dictionary he edited. 
Thus "Hearsay" which can not be accepted in a court of law as truthful testimony; can now be Implied as the exact words of God told through generations and finally written down by scribes of who knows who knows who?

Also to those that desire no baggage and call themselves Atheist. A word earlier coined by the Church during the age of Enlightenment, which started Near the end of the sixteenth Century AD (CE). Prior to that Atheist were Heretics the learned Church claimed being Possessed by the Devil and unless they recanted they were sentenced to be burned alive at the stake.

Many words have been Invented by the Church through its History to give meaning and substance to what can not be explained by "Reason". 

Transubstantiation is one that comes to mind and was included as a legitimate word in the dictionary meaning actual Change in substance of wafer, which only the priest has the magical power given by God of performing, eaten by believers of faith to be the actual blood and body of their Lord, while most protestants reject that by insisting  it is only symbolic in remembrance of their same Lord.  

Of course, the Jews say (and in this regards are scientifically correct)  Catholic Communion Is heresy to God. God would never implement human blood and flesh as a sacrament to please him. This the Gentiles took from their Mythical God ways.

In fact they claim Judaism is the only religion that works by knowledge and reason.

To prove this they go to Moses and the story In Deuteronomy chapter 4 of the Mountain on fire witnessed by two and a half million witnesses. Seeing and hearing a voice coming out of the fire Declaring I am God! A jealous god etc. etc. 

They further claim today: If this was not the truth it would have not lasted through the ages. 

Still, my Deist reason tells me that the Hindu religion is older than theirs and still exists. 

The Muslims are still surviving after Fifteen Centuries and have a greater following than the Jews ever enjoyed. 

So much for a length of time meaning truth.

"It has come to my attention", By Bob Johnson and Matthew Kahl, "that there are those less than zealot advocates who, while aware of the pious perpetration, seem more concerned for the preservation of ignorance under the Guiles Of "live and let live" banter. While I, as they, have always advocated liberty, freedom and the equality of all people, I do not agree that those among us, our families, neighbors, friends and countrymen, should be left to wallow in the stagnant shallows of indoctrination without so much as a nudge or a prod in the direction of truth and knowledge in fact.

For if we are to, "live and let live", surely we should realize that living a lie, especially one of this magnitude and given the fact that most are unaware, is not really living at all. For it is in this complacency that we find the flagrant abuses of logic, the prostitution of wisdom and the flippant opposition to the forward progress of humanity through education.

When an individual, or individuals, defy the forward progress of knowledge by the intentional misrepresentation of facts, or, the complete and total unwillingness to review such facts, whether solely due to fear, indoctrination, coercion or any combination of such, these individuals, in their disregard for evolution and progress, have become a detriment to society, as well as to our attempts in advancing society to a place far beyond the shadow of the Dark Ages.

An educationist is one versed in the art, theory and methods of education as well as the promotion and extension of such. These individuals take their place in society and in our public school houses, amongst our children, as leaders who are entrusted with the fragile consciousness of the world's youth. We place our trust in the education system, but more so in the teacher. What if this same teacher suddenly began a campaign to teach, not facts, but faithful speculations and things hoped for. The lesson of the day is not 1+1=2, heaven forbid, today and from here on out, 1+1=3 and that's that! Worse still, the school house across town cries blasphemy as they indoctrinate the attendants, our children, 1+1 is NOT 3 . . . it's 4 and anyone who thinks it to be anything contrary to this "teaching" is in danger of hell fire and should be deemed a heretic! One need not ponder long on this ridiculous scenario to understand the dire repercussions to befall society if the promotion of facts through education were to meet such a demise.
For the first time in human history, the facts pertaining to not only Christianity, but the entire religious movement are on the table. Those among us who have found the tenacity to rise from the ashes of ignorance and complacency, are now taking their places among some of the greatest minds the world has ever known as teachers of men: to free from the fetters of religious tyranny, those oppressed and unsuspecting victims that make up, what is a spiritually frail society".
These are very strong words in what they imply. They are intended to fulfill Thomas Pain's call for a second revolution needed after winning the first against the British Monarchy. But this time, "A revolution in religion"! 

Moving to Our Creator who endowed us with a sense of Reason and understanding by observation and cause as well as effect. This helps us to understand the word of God by a new provable book called Science as we learn the formulae used in chemistry, mathematics, biology, Astronomy. All things Nature's God hold the keys to. 

Through our gift of Reason we discover new parts to the puzzle. 

We have learned much already. 

How to make our existence more climate controlled in our houses. The engineering of Mechanics, cars, planes jets etc. The electronic worlds behavior of printed nano chip circuits. Behavior of Electrical fields and magnetics. Life extending medical knowledge. All things by quiet observation  already revealed by our God, This is the God of Deism. 

This is true revelation to each man of Reason unbridled by thinking he/she was born in sin due to a non-existing Adam who God molded from clay using hands as an artist in sculpture would. Well he, as an ignoramus  got mad at all humankind because His Adam, ate from the tree of knowledge and in so doing realized he was naked and became modest. 

Then this God having only the capacity as the brain of the man that invented the story decided to have everyone Die having Death enter the world of man, Plus the women will now forever be in great pain when giving birth for tempting man. This all powerful God lets the Devil go and allows him to cause people to fall into sin and is even to take Jesus God's 2nd identity on the last day of his forty days wandering the desert and fly him on top of mountain where the world being flat at that time he can see all the kingdoms of the world and offers him this as a present.
But God the father had other plans for his 2nd person. He was to meet a terrible painful death and have the Gentile oppressors of the 1st Abrahamics murder him as a common criminal because he claimed he was a king of the Jews. This would all take place  in the near future as a blood sacrifice because God wanted to kill himself without killing himself so he could become the redeemer of man and open the door of eternal life, which He himself had shut way back when Adam and Eve disobeyed him.
When this fable was first composed ignorant superstitious man believed all. As people had more free time and studied more the Bible was not available to be read. It was written by scribes in a dead language learned only by Priests and Medical Doctors.When the printing press came into being in the early eighteenth Century The price went down and every preacher bought one and started his own business. Most people were still illiterate (unable to read) and had to help the family with managing the farm. In the cities child labor ran rampant.
As I write this I shudder at the thought of how many years I followed this at face value.
Surely there must be billions of followers of the Three Abrahamic religions that are Deist and don't realize it because they read prescribed scripture and analogies given by priest and rabbi and mufti (Muslim) spin.

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