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I, as a Catholic and a US Citizen deeply

I, as a Catholic by cradle baptism, and a US Citizen by birth aware of the following facts and I ask, Are You? I ran across this excellent article by Robert Boston and realized it is an important read for every true American Citizen (religious or non religious) of the USA!
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Master of myth and misinformation!

By Rob Boston
"The constitutional principle of separation of church and state has given Americans more religious freedom than any people in world history. Around the globe, those suffering under the heavy heel of government-sponsored religious oppression look to America's church-state model with longing. The "wall of separation between church and state" is America's bulwark of true religious liberty."Despite its proven track record of success, separation of church and state is increasingly becoming just another target for the Religious Right's smear campaign strategists. In the past few years, an entire cottage industry has sprung up in Religious Right circles that seeks to "prove" that mainstream history is all wrong. The United States was really founded to be a fundamentalist Christian nation. Separation of church and state was never intended; it was, these far-right activists allege, foisted on the country by the Supreme Court in recent times."The Religious Right's leading practitioner of this type of historical revisionism is David Barton, who runs an outfit called WallBuilders out of Aledo, Texas.1 Barton makes a lucrative living traveling the right wing's lecture circuit where he offers up a cut-and-paste version of U.S. History liberally sprinkled with gross distortions and, in some cases, outright factual errors. Crowds of fundamentalist Christians from coast to coast can't get enough of it!
"In addition, Barton has been eagerly embraced by TV preacher Pat Robertson's Christian Coalition. For three years running Barton has been a featured speaker at Christian Coalition meetings, where his presentation on America's "Christian" roots and salvos against church-state separation draw huge crowds.2 Local units of the Christian Coalition have hosted Barton as well, and some sell his books and videos."

AL, continued: Any wonder why The Age of Reason is no longer accepted in School curriculum when Doctor David Barton and people of like character is on the Texas Public School Board of Education. For an excellent site you can read this important book at your leisure FREE! Please click here! Any wonder why Muslims are trying to get elected into Public Office? At first they use the ACLU to defend their rights. Once in Power they move to destroy it! In this vein I would say the Christian Churches all denominations, are very successful. Most I talk to already think the ACLU is a detriment not only to religion but to capitalistic economy.
Texas and California the two largest states have control of what goes into new textbooks for the entire Nation. This year was a great danger because California State was just about bankrupt so Texas became the leading judge. 
When I attended High School I had to make a book report on "The Age Of Reason". Today the students have no idea that Thomas Paine was a Deist and wrote that and also a book called "Common Sense" inspiring victory in our Revolution. Or why our third President, who also was a Deist, said and wrote the following:

"The clergy...believe that any portion of power confided to me will be exerted in opposition to their schemes. And they believe rightly: for I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man." -- Thomas Jefferson 


The true  God of the Universe that reveals Creation without language, without editing without man's permission to all living subjects throughout the vast Universe with such awesome splendor your breath is taken away by the Beauty beholden and felt through your senses. Click and see what the Apostles of various anceint religions never dreamed of The Real Revelations:


Our True God!                                         


AL continued: This year, 2010 CE, that same Texas Board tried to throw out Thomas Jefferson as was probably done with Thomas Paine previously. There was such an uproar from knowledgeable citizens that it failed. To most fair minded people deceiving and falsifying truth  is a Capital sin according to the  Bible. 

Perhaps the leaders of the Christian Right feel it is OK. to deceive  They read it in their Bible Jeremiah 4:10; and 2 Thessalonians 2:11;  and 2 Chronicles 18:20-22. Please turn to your own Bible and read the above Scriptures, Thank You. Does it make sense to believe a book that portrays God in such a way? The clerics make sure when they are quoting Scripture they refrain from these verses. They find it a lot easier.

No matter how precious we love our chosen faith We must always preserve our precious freedom protected by our Constitution and Bill of Rights. One can not exist without the other and our founding fathers knew this. Any dominating revealed religion would destroy the freedom fought and won against the Theocratic wannabes of the world. (Kings and leaders claiming to be empowered by having been chosen by  God).

Feel free to copy this and forward to all in your address book and help to save our precious freedom, which is slowly being undermined. 


Should the religious right win? Laws will be passed against Catholics and Muslims. And even against each other's denomination. The wars bringing forth chaos will start and progress will recede returning to its past dark violent ages without (this time) a concrete hope for survival in a Nuclear Holocaust! 


 Earth's human species experience will turn into a disaster. Certainly not for Natures God. The Universe is very large and the law of averages will prevail. Somewhere some intelligent species will go on to their full potential realized in time.

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