Friday, July 9, 2010

C.S. Lewis College

I imagine this new college planned and being under construction for the last six months, must not be too happy after receiving news recently after their announcement of "We are about to take a major step forward towards the long-awaited goal of establishing C.S. Lewis College," they had proclaimed in a news conference that was held on December 16, 2009 in Northfield, Massachusetts, announcing the purchase of a campus for the use of C.S. Lewis College.

For those not in the know C.S. Lewis wrote the book used by all apologetics from Catholic to Baptist "Merely Christian".

This year 2010, Bob Johnson, who is the leader of the World Deist Union, a rapidly growing Natural Religion, published a book titled, An Answer to C.S. Lewis. Should his book prove to be the demise of C S Lewis by proving through the falsehoods exposed by using the very book he had used to defend, mainly the Bible itself, plus reason.

As a Deist I sense through my reason Natures God Loves You. And no one can disprove God's Creation because you are a part of its fabric. And Deism is the only Natural Religion you can actually see just by looking at yourself in a mirror and realizing through your God given Reason that you are a one of a kind especially created, individualized person. And happiness for you and those around you can only be achieved in living by the Golden Rule of Love.) Al.

Bob Johnson's book "An Answer to C.S. Lewis Mere Christianity" blows Lewis and his illogical arguments out of the water! It addresses each of Lewis' ideas and, using documentation from the Bible as well as every day common sense, clearly shows they are hollow and incapable of withstanding the test of our God-given reason! This book is a must have for all sincere Christians, all Deists and all freethinkers!

Click here to learn more and to order your copy!

Below is a must read that every American Citizen should be aware of and very few are.


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