Monday, August 2, 2010

Massive destruction begins before 2012 and turns into Armageddon! This I find very scary. That intelligent beings have their God Given Reason so completely twisted by foolish idiotic fables that we have people looking forward to horrible death through a Nuclear Holocaust identical to what the people of Iran hold onto. To Wit: Having their eyeballs evaporate out of their sockets as happened to the poor Japanese  men, women and children back in the 40's at Hiroshima. And the survivors suffering from Radiation burning for years before death. 

The Japanese religion at the time was worshipping the Emperor who was the human incarnation of the Sun God. They were allied with Hitler, the German ex-Catholic who thought he was picked by God to lead the world to a thousand years of harmonious peace. With his warped view of a pure race.

Now we have to worry about the Christian and Muslim and Hebrew, all worshipping a God of Love according to their leaders and preachers. And believed by a twisted form of reason with a foundation of Faith holding it up as truth.

Just click below and see educated people wishing to die in fantasy as they chase the elusive carrot on the stick,  just always  almost within grasp. And blinded to the horrible death they are gleefully running toward, bringing not just to themselves, but to those they profess to love. This takes place with our Click here...

The Face of Faith-Healing/Child Abuse

by Bob Johnson

The above picture from the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office in Oregon is of eight month old Alayna May Wyland. Alayna is suffering from a fast growing mass of blood vessels, a hemangioma, that could cause blindness. Her parents are Christians who believe in the Bible's false promises of faith-healing.

Alayna's parents, Timothy and Rebecca Wyland, belong to Followers of Christ Church which is one of many Christian organizations which places importance on the Christian myth of faith-healing. In the past, many children have died whose parents belong to this church. Twenty children dead in 30 years from this Christian church alone. And those are only the children that the state has knowledge of. In addition, it is estimated that every month in the U.S. alone, one to five children die from the belief by their parents in the deadly Christian myth and Bible promise of faith-healing.

Since the Wyland's are Bible believing Christians, they have not taken Alayna to a doctor. Thankfully, the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office learned of the infant's medical condition and situation and removed her from her superstitious Christian parents. She is now getting medical care for her medical condition.

Children's Hospital Boston instructs parents to immediately seek medical care for children in Alayna's condition. On their site they say, "Hemangiomas that obstruct an airway or interfere with vision, hearing, or eating require prompt treatment. An infant with a hemangioma in the upper eyelid, even a small one, should be immediately evaluated by a pediatric ophthalmologist (eye doctor), as these can permanently affect the child's vision."

The most effective way of stopping this unnecessary and deadly crime against children is to educate their sincere parents. Once their parents are made aware of the fact that God has nothing to do with the Bible and that by following an ancient book that is full of holes and violates their God-given reason, the seeds will be planted for progress away from the Bible and its deadly myths. All people have innate reason. As Deists, we just need to activate it! This is the only permanent way to eliminate this horrific and unnecessary problem.

Unfortunately, many states in the U.S. have exemptions in their laws which allow parents to withhold medical care from children if done for a religious "reason." If you'd like learn if your state is one of the backwards states with this type of legal exemption for child abuse and would like to circulate a petition in your area to remove the exemption, please let me know by sending me an email at mentioning the state you live in. Thank you!

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