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Connection of Astrology to Judaism Christianity and Islam.

Ankh  Symbolizes fertility rites and the building up of lust within a  person. A spirit of Lust is the power of this union of male /female  representations. Also called the Long Life Seal. The cross represents the  zodiac and is always displayed with the Sun God.
The connection of the false science of Astrology to Judaism and Christianity and Islam is the Zodiac Calender signs. Starting with Judaism click here and see the Rams Horn in religious practice.

Now at the time of Moses the Zodiac Calendar age was The Age of Taurus the Bull. (Remember when he came with the stone tablets God supposedly had written the Commandments on)? Well, he found his people had built a golden Bull Calf and were worshiping it. In anger Moses  smashed the stones because the Zodiac age of the Bull was passing to the age of the Ram. The Sun's house was out of the Zodiac Bull constellation sign after being there for the past 2,150 years and passing in its reverse mode to the Age of the Ram.This had been learned by normal vision observation measurements by Egyptian stargazers,
All ancient gods derived from Egyptian Stargazers 0bserving the travels of Horus, their named Sun God of the Light, and Seth their named God of Darkness. They had mapped the travel of the Sun accurately, estimating where it indicated its position would be at each New Year of the future.
Now the Shofar is the blowing through the horn of the Ram signifying its founding was during the Mythological Calendar's age of the Ram which had been estimated that the Sun God was in that Zodiac House and would be there for the next 2,150 years.

After the Age of the Ram we entered into The Age of Peices (the Fishes) It was time for the new testament. Jesus the Son of God picks two Fishermen to follow him. Today we see the Jesus Fish on bumper stickers. He tells them I will make you fishers of men. I will be with you 'til the end of the Age. Aquarius starts in 140 years from today. For the Zodiac Calendar click here.

The following just in
From the Group I believe called "Those of Venus" An interruption from my text subject , Nevertheless, important modern day mental exercise.Bear with it for it's strange beginning of words and then you will be rewarded with that which could very well contain much truth. Click now.

Note: The Jewish Calendar is measured as the Christian and Islamic Calendar by the Moon 12 Months of an even 30 days each and then originally five unnamed  days for festivals, religious ceremonies etc. until The Sun God reached its lowest point  marking the Winter Solace.

Seth had defeated Horus, or darkness had subdued the light.

Crops would no longer yield food. Death for all was eminent Throughout the Known and Unknown of this round, not flat world.

Speaking of Round, The Druids of Scotland built Stonehenge to watch the Sun at its lowest point in the horizon, The Mayan Indians in America built Temples with windows to reflect the gasping light of the winter Sun to its demise.

Unknowing the existence of each other all intelligent life prayed.

For three full, fervent evening sunsets, there was no change. Darkness (the Egyptian Seth) had conquered the Light (the Egyptian Horus).

On the fourth evening it was announced He has risen! A Great Amen arose from the crowd as the Priest announced Horus has risen. Darkness, (Seth) could not hold his light. He will give us warmth and all the good things we need. He has aswered our prayers of forgiveness even though we are not worthy. He returns because he loves us and shall  not let Seth have his way over us. Hallelujah, Horus returns to us with his love. Great joy and sweet tidings swept from one to anoher throughout each community. The Savior of the World has risen.

Raymond Fontaine, Ph.D.A Roman Catholic Priest now a Deist.

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