Saturday, January 21, 2012

The visable tie between Astrology and Religion

The visable tie between Astrology and Religion
I finally found a site that reminded me what my Gypsy Teacher taught me many years ago..Just click URL above,
Her name was Baabeitaa. She was one of the original genuine Bohemian Village residents and immigrated here from Hungary...
I sketched as I saw her as the 'Soul of Judah" and we became wonderful friends during her remaining years.
Yes! Baabeitaa, I am sure you are in a wonderful Heaven as our Creator knows your gentle mind and your always kind actions and thoughts in response toward the Religious Zealots who unhesitatingly with their closed minds cursed you out as if you were in league with their imagined Devil. While the majority made you independently wealthy just to have the comfort of your gift to peer into their future explaining unknown pitfalls to avoid.
I dedicate this Post for you and all free thinking individuals. And Yes! Baabeitaa, as you told me the Religious are the majority (good people) in every religion including Atheist. All  people living by the Golden Rule and therefore entertaining "Moral Values" as intended by Nature's existing laws that we know little about. The inalienable right of each person is defended by our Deist "Constitution" combined with the "Bill of Rights". One can not be separated from the other. You will note when clicking this url above the Christian right have placed a site to mislead you into their site with a large sign saying Jesus loves you and a place to click on site thus waylaying your mind away from the Constitution and Bill of Rights. To me that just exposes how deceitful they continue to impose themselves on We The People. 

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