Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Did you Know? Are you Aware?

Did you Know? Are you Aware? Roman Catholicism depends on its leadership, particularly the Pope, to interpret difficulties. In the early years of Protestantism, the Roman Catholic Inquisition executed people who published the Bible and made it available to the people. Opponents suggest this move was to protect biblical flaws from public discovery. Here you see how a lie is redirected. The current
Pope has recently declared the animals in the manger scene was really not there.
A manger or stable always held animals. Deism Reason tells one that is not the fable of the Christmas story the Pope claims it to be. The real fable is the Census, which secular history of the times shows was never ordered or made. It only appears as such in the NT. More that is fable is the Jewish King Herod placed in power by the Romans to keep an eye on the troublesome Jews and being forewarned by the Magi that a New King of the Jews was to be born from an old man who paid a dowry to the parents of his teen aged bride, who now was in labor with child. And because of the crowds of Census people their would be no room at the Inn.
This fable is told about the three wise Kings of the Orient who {if one uses Reason) are not human but only exist at the Winter Solstice as a heavenly Body. Let us review the signs of the Zodiac. It will inform us that the three stars in the Orient Belt line up with the brightest star of the East pointing the direction the Sun will rise on the 25th of December a tad higher than its lowest point reached three days ago on Dec. 21st. This was all tied to an unnoticed wobble the Earth has as it is spinning. After all they had no idea the Earth was spinning because in the OT it is conceived as being flat. Viewed at Stonehenge it's been happening even today at the same time/talk about long term precision!. To the Wise the Sun was God and had died to be born again after three days culminating at the Spring/Easter when days of light become longer than days of darkness. Therefore at Resurrection He becomes the Light of the World. King of Kings. We shall eat again and drink from the Vine. Thus another cycle starts. This is the force that is keeping the greedy economy in power for the 1% and Zionist Jews leading Christians to war against the Other slant (copied from the same book) as an evil enemy taking over their land,farms, Each blaming it all on a very Human God.houses and making them second class citizens. Time for each of us to wake up and start smelling the roses of Peace and the Golden Rule. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!" May Peace and Progress be yours.

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