Monday, April 27, 2009

Replacing Reason with Faith= consequence!


Pakistani couple executed in tribal area

11:04 AM, April 27

Authorities in a Pakistani tribal area said they had no choice but to execute a young couple who had tried to elope.

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One Man's Opinion!
I firmly believe that God exist by my natural gift of reason of mind given at the highest degree for all humans as we have the ability to contemplate and learn to understand the Natural Laws and mathematical formulae used to create and the vastness of this Universe. The order of harmony in our own Solar System. The connection of Time Space and Gravity. The dynamo effect I find depictions and stories of God acting and thinking displaying all human primitive vices ie: jealousy hate anger revenge kill etc.
I find it extremely sad that in this day and age there are people who are still dominated by religious belief systems without merit of their God gifted Human Reasoning; replacing it and applying faith only closing their True God Given Human Reason trying faithfully to understand this very Evil God, which is shown by His actions of favoring one tribe of His creations to kill not only disobedient members of the same tribe but slay yet another tribe also of His creation according to the alleged hearsay laws He laid down to and sometimes through a named angel that whispered His desires to a Moses or a Joseph and Mary (Miriam) or a Saul who changed his name to the alias Paul as names changed in the New Testament, or a Mohammad or a thousand plus years later even a Joseph Smith. In fact any and all of the numerous revealed religions you will find among the inhabitants of this planet!
This very, I judge as evil by His alleged stated actions, Evil Deity in order to make sure His human creations will all constantly kill and maim each other. He has wantonly told each a different story. And because we must do His will through our works of converting everyone to what He demands. He has emphasized He is a God of love to those that love Him and obey His laws! But for those who worship Him not as he has demanded they are infidels and must be converted or die because He hates them! and not just them but their wives and children and children yet to be born, even their livestock. He shall love you even more if you kill them for Him! Then most shrewdly to make sure we do not stray He allegedly had a fable written in the book, which is taught and believed by faith only to be His word. That fable is "The Garden of Eden" containing the "Tree of Knowledge". In that fable to have knowledge is Evil because only the bad following a devil want to be smart.. This alone has helped to hold human scientific progress back for thousands of years! And is still holding it to a sixth Century logic in the Mid-East! There can or will never be peace as long as these faith only religions dominate thinking with their mental chains of love that in all reality
are destructive because each book is just enough different to clash with and unable to agree with the other. The Peaceful Glory of a Jerusalem expressed by these types of religions is an example throughout the ages. this Impostor God neatly fabricated by evil learned men of old then wrote of God speaking directly to a Moses to bring His chosen Israelite people to "The land of milk and honey" and since has been nothing but 'Horrible Killing and Torture of innocents' thus exemplifying this reality!!!!
I rest my case.

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