Friday, May 1, 2009

One Man's Opinion!

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One Man's Opinion!
I firmly believe that God exist by my natural gift of reason of mind given at the highest degree through our Creators evolutionary design for all and now as humans we have the ability to contemplate and learn to understand the Natural Laws and mathematical formulae used to create the ever-changing vastness of this Universe. The order of harmony in our own Solar System. The connection of Time Space and Gravity. The dynamo effect of magnetic electrical forces creating a planet exercising in turn through life's basic carbon isotope of atoms and every atom's core containing a minute nano positive and minute nano negative charge from whence inanimate matter has the ability by a Natural law, which for understanding, simply depends on the zone's distance it is traveling around a Sun Star. If being in the life zone as this Planet called Earth is then similar changes that must bring forth life shall occur. Slow changes by the law of quantity and probability into and of its chemical molecular structure and isotope as herewith now. In time from the simple to the complex similar to amino acids will form in this thick primeval soup display both inanimate as well as animate properties. This kind of Scientific provable reasoning leads me to sensing my God. I do not need a book all I need to know I have a God who loves me is to see one blade of grass or even a weed thriving on inanimate soil knowing all plants are contributing to the value of the air we need to breath remaining healthy. I find the Bible depictions and stories of God acting and thinking displaying all human primitive vices ie: jealousy hate anger revenge kill etc. A God of Love? Despicable!

I find it extremely sad that in this day and age there are people who are still dominated by religious belief systems without merit of their God gifted Human Reasoning; replacing it and applying faith only that a very Evil God, which is shown by His actions of favoring one tribe of His creations to kill not only disobedient members of the same tribe but slay yet another tribe also of His creation according to the alleged hearsay laws He laid down to and sometimes through a mythological named angel A Gabriel or a Michael that whispered His desires to a Moses or a Joseph and Mary (Miriam) or a Saul who changed his name to the alias Paul or a Mohammad or a thousand plus years later even a Joseph Smith. In fact any and all of the numerous revealed religions you will find among the inhabitants of this planet! This very, I judge by His alleged stated actions, evil Deity in order to make sure His human creations will all constantly kill and maim each other. He has wantonly told each a different story. And because we must do His will through our works of converting everyone to what He demands. He has emphasized He is a God of love to those that love Him and obey His laws! But for those who worship Him not as he has demanded they are infidels and must be converted or die because He hates them! Then most shrewdly to make sure we do not stray He allegedly had a fable written in the book, which is taught and believed by faith only to be His word. That fable is "The Garden of Eden" containing the "Tree of Knowledge". In that fable to have knowledge is Evil because only the bad following a devil want to be smart.. Knowledge has always been the destruction of Superstition and therefore it has always been the constant fear throughout Human History of Dictators, Priests, Rabies, Mullahs, Ministers. This alone has helped to hold human scientific progress back for thousands of years! And is still holding it to a sixth Century logic in the Mid-East! And also if you really dig deep enough into the teaching of all Revealed Religions: There can or will never be peace as long as these faith only religions dominate and overpower Humanities Natural God Given Gift of Reasoning, Replacing it through accepting false insinuations because one must accept it as Gods' and humans dare not question anything from God for God is a mystery . Humanity is much to dumb compared to god to understand. All must be accepted by the gift of Faith or God will condemn that evil person to Eternal Punishment. Think more rational not with mental chains of love that in all reality are not or never have been love, but instead are destructive and have always been destructively written, not by your loving God, but by power hungry leaders of men writing each Revealed Book just enough different to clash with and unable to agree with the former.

Can you see by current and past events that The Peaceful Glory of a Jerusalem expressed by these types of religions is an example throughout the ages. The land of milk and honey this Evil Man made God led Moses to bring His chosen Israelite people to exemplifies the following reality!!!! Death, Destruction War. Terrifying Misery. Surely your reason will have you understand how and why this evil god was first revealed by savage primitive mentally crazed men with an attitude to kill not just for eating as animals do but to lie and kill for domination through fear! Read your Bible with Your Human Reason of the much higher sophisticated person you are in this 21st Century. And not with someone picking out verses or parts out of content with the Whole creating their own interpretation as the only way a Bible Class can function and be successful in keeping the students loyal.

I rest my case.

Alfred P. Verhoeven

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