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Letter of Explanation

Letter of Explanation of me
This, I know is a long read to explain my position and that I have not abandoned my God. It may prove too long to read in one setting. If so just read a paragraph or two and then come back later. I have never stopped my offering friendship toward people, regardless of any differences. I am moving toward reality and away from mystical impossible to prove facts that are no facts. Complicated Philosophies that are about nothing to in turn prove nothing except a PHD after the persons name.
Whatsoever your believe system is if it works for you and is not harmful to others I respect you for it. After all we all arrived the same way and as we grew became indoctrinated by the demeanor of our parents or parent. Our society Our financial family position,along with gifts endowed to us by our Creator.

What I am trying to say we really are not noticeably different.
Feel I own you my good friends, casual friends, those who arrived at my Blog that I know not and relatives, all abiding as we do on this Dear living Planet called Earth. an explanation for the content of my writings of late.
As you may or may not know I have been intently studying religions of the world through Historical Humankind (A word I favor because it includes the ladies) Mankind in my studies of, has been written in History, (as if women did not exist mentally on a par intellectually with men according to the ego and belief of olden times including and instilled even deeper by all of Man's invented religions). My reason being I thought I would write a book on not only my own religion being Roman Catholic, which I never knew could be classified with most as a revealed religion. Why revealed? When for the greater part of my life I was positive Catholic was unique founded by God's only son who was a kind of like an amoeba having inherited true human qualities from His Mother, Mary. And true God qualities from the male half of His God, Father. So as I was a male my God, too, was a Male. I felt very good.
Somehow most females being put down being taught even God wanted them dominated, they all were forced and powerlessly accepted. Now Jesus us Catholics had been taught, was the Invisible Bridegroom and head of the Church (The Pope being the visible head) The Father feeling sorry and having second thoughts of His banning all future generations coming after Adam and Eve, making us all children and people of guilt. He must atone by having a child bride under the age to have the ability of accepting,and in a dream containing no control of reason acceping Him to father her with a son. This half bred god human son would receive at Birth the name Emmanuel, meaning God is with us. His first Alias. Being human from Mary's side of the equation this son would feel the pains of crucifixion and who must die for us because His Father and He, who are one, loves us so much that it is The Father's Will so He, the son must obey! We have been taught by the traditional teachings of the Church which has evolved to encompass not only Original Sin but that He took on all the sins of the world giving us clean Lilly white souls so we are able to fly to Paradise and be welcomed at the Gates. And then instituted the Sacrament of Reconciliation that when we commit sin we are at fault if The Door is closed to us this time (all stemmed from Adam in the Garden of Eden) thousand of years ago committing the first and Original Sin of disobedience by allowing to be Tempted and eat fruit from the tree of knowledge disobeying our Father who sits on a throne in Heaven (I had assumed it to be New Jerusalem) with His son Jesus sitting on His right hand side and from there He shall judge the living and the dead. Yes! Termed Original Sin! But mostly advocated in my times as the sins of the world against the God, the Father.
As I delve more in the Old Testament I read of God Himself at the beginning often walked among His subjects on Earth and actually spoke with these men of ancient times revealing Himself and told us that we are created by Him in his very own Image. Of course I always assumed even though we being in His own image humbly can not be as perfect or handsome or smart. For several years, starting with the Millennium, I held a small Christian Community group in compliance with St Benedict Church, Crystal River, Florida in direction of the then Pope John Paul 2nd The Great.That is as far as I went with that information without question until very recently after my near death experience when My AAA (aneurysm) busted at my home on St. Paddy's Holiday evening, 2007.
Recently doing research of Scripture (Material for my book) looking in my Bible I found in 1 Corinthians Chapter 15 Verse 22 "For in Adam all die" and I wonder: 'Is that just?' Would God really want to punish children for sins their parents committed?

1 Corinthians 15:22 (New International Version)

22For as in Adam all die, so in Christ all will be made alive.

In other words Jesus suffering will open the gates which have been closed since Adam's Sin. I informed the close Jews in my life and they laughed. The garden of Eden and the tree of knowledge is only allegoric and not a real tree with real fruit. You mean that the church is telling you Jesus died for an allegoric story of a tree and Adam actually eating real fruit. We can see where our book is not theirs.
Well, you all know the story taught to us Catholics and also Christians including how He decided to adopt the Gentiles cast out the Jews for absolutely not recognizing his only actual flesh and blood son Jesus, I always thought Jesus said it apropos "The builders have rejected the corner stone"! Now I learn that a thousands of years later God has all of a sudden realized way back in the sixth century AD we got it all distorted due to the original claimed to be Chosen Jews that lied about Him because from the very beginning He created Adam to be as He, Himself, a Muslim! So He sent the Angel Gabriel (I just know I heard that name mentioned before) which is written in the Koran to whisper all the truths in Mohammed's ear making Mohammad His greatest and last prophet???? He also told him, I'm making an informed guess, That the other ones: the Jew Gentile Christians also lied because Jesus was not his son and (no guess) is definitely written in the Koran was also one of His Muslim Prophets who was born of Mary and Joseph and had many brothers and sisters and all were not Jewish but Muslims! And also He had now revealed He demanded yet another name for Himself, changing His name from the Hebrew original "I Am" followed later to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. And then to Moses he changed His name this time to Jealous I am to be known as Jealous! For my name is Jealous. Exodus Chapter 34 Verse 14 (see below)

Exodus 34 (New International Version)

Exodus 34

. a]">[a] 14 Do not worship any other god, for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God.
Thousand of years later to the Christians He changed His name to Father for He now had a son., Jesus.
Now I just learned sometime in the 6th Century AD He changed His name revealing it to Mohammed and became known as Allah. And he still was not done with his Aliases. He is also Yahweh. More scrolls may be found with even more.
Then over another thousand plus years during the 18th Century,AD He reverted back to Father when the Angel brought and even ( believed claimed to this date) Truer Truth according to Joseph Smith and The Mormon Church. I am really wondering why? My unchanging Eternal God is and has been more confused and has repented after cutting us off from entering His paradise because of something called Original Sin. Yet has not forgiven the poor innocent children born out of wedlock,which today are really many.
I say that because once again in my Bible I read this: Deuteronomy Chapter 23 Verse 2 :Now I ask the following: If someone is born out of wedlock, is it their fault. Should that baby be aborted to prevent the cruelty befalling from God on the next ten generations that offspring brings forth? or punished by the righteous as perhaps a slave the rest of the Bastard's and offsprings ten generation of lives?

Deuteronomy 23:2 (New International Version)

2 No one born of a forbidden marriage a]">[a] nor any of his descendants may enter the assembly of the LORD, even down to the tenth generation.

  1. Deuteronomy 23:2 Or one of illegitimate birth
This is why The gifted talented educated Leonardo DaVinchy had no use for the Church and painted a sexually questionable Apostle who easily could be mistaken for a Mary Magdalene lovingly posed next of Jesus at the last supper. I had learned Leonardo DaVinchy was a bastard born by a prostitute from an unknown Aristocratic Noble Gentleman published in the American New York Newspapers during WW2 criticizing that men were not as thoroughbred Race Horses or animals. The most ignorant and deformed people have the same identical chance as the perfect ones producing a Genius. This was a propaganda column in reply to the so called SS Camps where pure Aryan women waited to be mated by officers of the aforementioned SS in reply to Hitler's breeding farms considering the experimenting genealogically correct for best women and men to create a super race.
Forgive me but:: This is starting to read in my mind's reason as a Monty Python Flying Circus skit!!!!
But unfortunately it is based on Fact!
Could this be the reason when I was young Catholics were never encouraged to read the Bible. Tradition was always emphasized and still is. There is a claim by believers that Interpretation can really only be done by the Clergy Rabbi, Priest, Minister, Mullah. Sorcerer, Mystic?
Next I received from an honorable good Religious Person who forwarded one of the many such E-mails I and you have in all probability received on our Nation being founded on Christian Priciples. Well, I am old enough to have gone through NYC Public School System without having God inserted into the Pledge and we said the Pledge of Allegiance every morning in class. We were all through WW1 and WW2 victorious, in fact throughout that period since our founding as One Nation Indivisible with Liberty and Justice for All.
Alas! We are no longer indivisible. No longer Americans. Because the religious meaning good people (Theocrat's), starting with in the 50s, General Eisenhower advocating God in the Pledge and prayer mainly Christian in the Public Schools during his Presidency because of the fear of Atheist Communism., I believe this was the beginning; dividing us and worming the religious right gathering strength to one day amend the Constitution removing the guaranteeing freedom for all people no matter what religion or even no religion by saying a lie that we are founded as a Christian Nation. This they borrowed from the same Hitler they had just defeated a decade ago from the 50s and still being told today in the year of this writing, 2009!. (If you tell a lie tell it often and make it big and sure enough little by little parts of it will start to be believed. We must they planned weaken and divide this Latin phrase E Pluribus Unum which is not a Hebrew or Christian saying but belongs to the Gentiles and there Philosophers of Reason which gives birth and revives the Deist thought of the Founding Fathers which is in err to the Jewish Christian Theology which we must teach in order for God to Bless us as a Nation and then we can force our religion on all. Those who oppose will become second class citizens and suffer for eternity in Hell .We must teach as always accomplished We must take our stand on the Religious war against Islam. Iraq is not enough . Iran must be destroyed by our revived crusaders. This will be a great war reviving our failing economy. Jobs will be plentiful after millions are supported by the taxpayers doing duty and paid in the armies of the world ridding by war deaths which are acceptable for those who gave up their lives for their so called way of life and religion Yes, they are always honored by their surviving relatives They are in League with the Devil.
(In Many We Are One) work on this until it disappears. If it is misspelled even my spell check does not recognize the Latin phrase anymore. This has already led and we can see now the new phrases that have replaced In Many We are One for now we are African Americans, Spanish Americans, Asiatic Americans, Christian Right Americans, Jewish Americans Heterosexual Americans, Gay Americans.Liberal Left Americans .And Our Political Party is served by its members as a football game. Right or wrong for the country, lying or cheating, all is fair for Victory is The Key! You name it and in time it will be found.
Looking up our forefathers because if I learned anything in my youth I learned they were mad about the Church of England through the King demanding all kinds of Alms and taxes imposed on everything transacted in this New World. They had no use for the doctrine of the Christian Church. They had witnessed the Salem Witch Hunts. The live burning at the stake of people that were accused of witchcraft and found guilty by trumped up charges supposedly proving they were consorting with Satan. Oh! Before the checks were put on the Christian Religious was in its full glory defeating the Devils advocates. While this new world suffered under the English King and all the religious denominations of Christianity and all fighting for control. There were Quakers, Amish, Mennonites, Presbyterians, Lutherans, Stoics and etc. Certainly if we lost our rebellion the Church through the King would have demanded all our forefathers to be executed and no doubt by the Church of England burnt on the stake for denying Christ and being in league with the devil against the almighty King of England, making sure it was a one sided trial.

I got a hold of Thomas Paine's book The Age of Reason because in High School I had to make a Book Report on it. The problem was during that faze in my life, playing ball was more important then making a book report for school. I glanced quickly through the book, didn't retain too much but managed by some Miracle to get a B. And as I am reading it more carefully now It certainly makes a lot more sense as he explains why He is a Deist. I really hadn't had a clue that there was such a thing as Deist. Being that he was not a Christian I thought through my adult years he was some kind of an atheist. And all the rest were Christians and Samuel Adams tried to converting them unsuccessfully I might add.. But this time reading really opened my eyes. As he writes about an Eternal God of Love which deep down without distorted Reason we can all believe. Now my youthful reading must have planted a seed because he wrote all I have always believed and thought the Catholic Church was about and my having as most Catholics of the 40's and 50's never read the Bible he is calling for what he sees as well as our great Patriot Thomas Jefferson who went on to write his own Bible but only the New Testament leaving out the miracles Jesus is alleged to have performed. He said they were incorporated from the prior Mythological gods. This Bible can be purchased at:
can get their own copy of The Jefferson Bible by writing or calling the people at Jefferson's home, Monticello. The address is: Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation, Inc., P.O. Box 318, Charlottesville, VA 22902. The phone number is 1-800-243-1743

Our winning General and First President George Washington stated definitely in one of his articles to Mexico that the US was not founded on Christian Principles. These great patriots were hoping for a second revolution a revolution Not only from the King of England but in Religion as well as the revolution in Government won ending Religious Theocracy Historically for the first time became a light in the world and though the Church said it can not last We the People became the mightiest, wealthiest most advanced Nation this world had ever experienced. A model to France and all the world drawing a Constitution to insure the Freedoms of all people.
The Deist Revolution from Revealed Religions removes the excess expenditures of Churches so that more moneys can flow helping Humanitarian Projects such as we certainly need today such as Healthcare for all. Environmental care. Free Public Higher Education for all who have the grades enabling them to benefit. Exploring and finding clean energy sources, thus eliminating the threat of Green House Gasses. God has blessed us with Human Reason to recognize impending disasters and Natural Disasters through an ever changing environment to find solutions in lovingly helping each other and save our living world. The hate brought on by wrongfully different existing religious beliefs must cease it is spewing hate from one variation to another. Beware of Politicians who expand their power through these mind controlling institutions. God is not in Bibles written by People. God does not write books . People write books. You can only sense God in the birth of each creation. The Stars. The unfailing rhythm of the Solar System , The Galaxies The Universe. The things existing in Natural Science Humankind can not create but does have the Blessed God Given reason to observe an everlasting love and learn from it. We are not here for Eternity. But I sense an everlasting God who created us out of love certainly has provided an agreeable place for our demise. I need not worry about what happens to me when I die. I have lived a good life not for a reward of pie in the sky, but because it was right to treat all with kindness and love. It is a Natural State to the advancement of both new life and reason. Old stale wrongful philosophies slowly disappear with their proponents losing rightfully so their following, to lay dead and only remembered by Civil Historian Professors. So It must be remembered in the way the genocide's committed by Humankind's generations to come and to finally realize its stupidity no matter how monetarily profitable it is and was to those who gain and gained individually while depriving others.

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