Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Searching for Painting Rhine Cruiseboat

This is the painting I was commissioned to produce for a Mrs. Trudy De Lapa of Germany living in Columbia, South Carolina over two decades ago. She has since deceased and I learned she had a daughter where when ill she moved to until she died. I do not know her daughters name or where her domicile is. Evidently she inherited the painting. As this is the only photo I have it was taken with a regular camera. It does not have enough pixels to afford a good sized print and the angle is such that after cropping a good deal of the painting will be gone.
If you recognize Trudy De Lapa and know where the painting is please contact me. It is such a beautiful painting.

Of Interest: Have you heard of Anthony Flew. He was a very devout Atheist and much in the News.

This is an image of actual DNA from a strawberry. DNA contains working code and code by definition requires intelligence. This fact is what helped former proponent of Atheism, Antony Flew, evolve into a Deist! It is yet another beautiful and amazing part of the real Word of God!

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