Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Photo of me age 2. From whence I Painted a Watercolor at age 16 , Flamand de le Gar�on while sailing as an ordinary seaman in the Merchant Marine.
This was taken by an unknown Photographer at a place what at one time was my maternal grandmother's New York City Speakeasy where my mother worked as a dancing and vocalist lady (entertainer) and where she met and fell in love with my father, a handsome tall blond 6' 3", ex-Colonel, of the Belgium Army.
and so in time I became the fourth child born to my mom, proceeded by three girls, my beautiful sisters, to me one more beautiful than the other.
Our family settled around the vicinity of New York's Greenwich Village., where I waxed into the adventure of life.... Below is the Watercolor painting I made for my mom from this black and white photo when I dropped out of High School at 16. to make my adventure of life with my fascination toward the sea as an ordinary merchant seaman.

Yours truly in Port at New York's Central Park.
Where many years later, close by, my office would be on Madison Avenue in a skyscraper and my name listed in the Directory of its lobby.
Of course this did not just happen. After a short time as a seaman I realized this was not the path of life for me. Language was mostly four letter words. Each lived for port-side to drink and lust and gamble. Nothing I was interested in so I realized I had better at least finish High School.
Then to continue my adventure of life I enlisted in the Army of the United States. Six weeks of basic and off I went to Germany; placed in Special Forces, Reconnaissance for four years. Thankfully it allowed me to continue higher Education through the GI Bill of Rights. Thank our forefathers we live in a Republic that has a heart for all who in defense of .serve. Remember we are not a Democracy, in the event we were, freedom of all would be censored by the majority and could never happen if majority ruled. Thank Providence the drafters of our Constitution had the wisdom to realize that.

This was our Engagement Picture
The worst part was my family had moved to Hoboken, New Jersey while I was overseas. Here I took this girl from beautiful Bavaria to of all places. Hoboken, New Jersey. She raised her hands up inquiring:
"Das ist Amerika"?

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