Wednesday, August 12, 2009

If you Love God

If you Love God with your whole mind, your whole body, your whole Spirit and your whole entire self then keep an open eye for God doth publishes with every 7/24 hour day through all happenings touching you with experiences through your senses leveled and combined with your human reasoning powers. The true God of Love lives through everyone but; beware the ancient religions being followed , they hearsay revealed religions and are separating all Humankind through a twisted version of the meaning of the word faith. Below is but one example of the faith without reason it can inspire one delusively . Wo! Unto the child born unto a deeply God fearing family as the one reported in a true story below. To them as to many The Bible is not hearsay because the interpreters and copiers and printers wrote down the word of mouth stories that were told for thousands of years prior to the facts written because they were protected by the Holy Spirit from falsehood.and that was drilled into their heads by the learned well as their very own parents. The revealed religions tells you through faith "The beginning of Wisdom is Fear of your God." The true God of love tells you through your human reasoning, "The beginning of Wisdom is "Wonder". The former for status quo The latter for Progress through God gifted reason and Science developed only recently in the age of Humankind.For original Poetry composed by me click here

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Subject: Deist Publication Bruno's Bulletin - August 10, 2009

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What Happens When People Follow Father Abraham's Example

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Bruno's Bulletin is named after the heroic freethinker Filippo Giordano Bruno who was burned alive by the Catholic Church on February 17, 1600 for refusing to play along with their dogmatic ignorance of Nature and reality. He is an example to all Deists and freethinkers of courage and integrity in the face of Christian ignorance and brutality and is a reminder of what happens when the "revealed" religions go unchecked.

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Just Like Father Abraham

by Bob Johnson

Before I was liberated from the chains of Christianity by Thomas Paine's hard hitting words in The Age of Reason , I attended the Open Bible Church in Marietta, Georgia and we used to sing a song with the words "just like father Abraham." Abraham was held up as an example for all Christians to follow.

After my God-given reason was released by Paine's words I began to realize just how horrible Abraham was and realized he is not a good example for anyone. Unfortunately, not enough people have had the opportunity to learn of Deism and are still in the deadly Christian mind-set.

One such person is a father living in Fiji who, following Abraham's example of hearing voices and deciding the voices were from God and they were telling him to sacrifice his child, beat his fourteen-month old daughter to death. This article quotes his wife as saying, "He said that if Abraham could sacrifice his son Isaac as stated in the Bible then he would also sacrifice his daughter as an offering to save his family and district, Lekutu, spiritually."

This insane teaching of Judaism, Christianity and Islam that God told Abraham to sacrifice his son so God would know if Abraham feared God enough (Genesis 22:12) has caused other Bible believing parents to murder their innocent children, too. Deanna Laney is one example, who, following Abraham's example crushed the skulls of her eight year old, six year old and 14 month old sons with heavy rocks. The youngest did not die but is severely handicapped and will need assistance for the rest of his life. I guess the Christian faith-healers can't heal him.

Can you imagine the much better world we will have once Deism is common knowledge? Atrocities such as these will never happen again. People will be able to free themselves from the sick insanities Christianity and the "revealed" religions routinely promote such as the story of Abraham and the myth that we must fear God instead of looking at God as our Creator and Friend as Thomas Paine recommends in The Age of Reason. As Deist pioneers, the future of Deism is squarely in our hands!

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