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Girl died after....

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New National Health Care Bill Contains Exemptions For Child Abuse
Below is an article by Bob Johnson 100% believer in God and a true American upholding our Declaration of Independence Constitution Or Bill of Rights
by Bob Johnson

The new US health care bill that is in the news 24/7 contains language that is deadly for children who are unfortunate enough to have parents or guardians who believe in faith-healing. And it is deadly for the US Constitution while it continues the scam on tax payers.

This interesting article brought to my attention the fact that the Christian Science Church receives tax dollars from Medicare for its "faith-healers"! This is clearly in violation of the Jeffersonian principle of separation of government and religion!

The article also makes it clear that just as over thirty states currently have statutes that allow adults to withhold medical care from sick and/or injured children if done for religious "reasons", the current US health care bill allows exemptions for parents who belong to a "recognized religious sect or division..."! Not only does this put children in danger, it is the government who recognizes particular religions which allows them the exemption. This is clearly unconstitutional and a direct attack on the First Amendment!

As Deists we have a lot to do! We need to work together to get these medieval faith-healing laws repealed. I hope to have petitions up next week at calling for the removal of these deadly religious exemptions at the state level as well as a petition for the removal of the language in the health care bill which allows this attack on our children and on the US Constitution.

As Deists we also need to reach sincere Christians who believe in the faith-healing nonsense. A father who allowed his diabetic daughter to die due to his belief in the Bible makes it clear what their motivation is: they want to please God and by mistakenly believing the Bible is the "Word of God", they do their best to follow it no matter what the consequences. The father said that God promises to heal in the Bible and that he thought by taking his sick daughter to the doctor he was putting the doctor before God. As Deists we can let him and others like him know that God has nothing to do with the Bible and that by taking his daughter to the doctor he is honoring God by using the gift of reason that God gave him. We are restarting our "Missions-to-Christians" Deist program which will help accomplish this important goal. In the past, our missions-to-Christians program ran Deist ads in Christian publications and sent direct mail to Christians letting them know about Deism. We are going to take the same progressive action again! If you'd like to help make this possible, please click here!

If we all work together, these words that Thomas Paine wrote will be proved true: "We have it in our power to begin the world over again."

Our Deist Missions-TO-Christians program is an ongoing effort to let sincere Christians know about Deism. We believe it's important that Christians know there is a belief system that does not require them to give up, or at a minimum to suspend, their God-given reason. This will not only lead to happier individuals, it will actually save the lives of children who have parents who sincerely mistakenly believe that by following the Bible they are following God. A father who let his little diabetic girl die from her treatable disease said that God promises to heal in the Bible. By being made aware of Deism, sincere people like him will realize that God has nothing to do with the Bible or any other "holy book." And because of this more children will live.

The WUD Missions-TO-Christians program reaches sincere Christians by advertising in Christian publications, both hard copy and online, and through direct mail. Not only will this help individuals and children, it will help the world move further away from the Armageddon horizon that Christianity is pushing us towards by educating people to the reason based facts that prove how ungodly the Bible really is!

Make a secure donation to the WUD Missions-TO-Christians Program and help to free people from fear and superstition while promoting Thomas Paine's call for a "revolution in the system of religion!"

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