Thursday, October 8, 2009

Trial was brodcast on True TV

This trial was shown on National Television True TV.

Christians Remind Us Of How Important Deism Is

by Bob Johnson 
A Christian couple has given Deists a reminder of just how important Deism really is. Herbert and Catherine Schaible are strong Christians who know that the Bible promises them the divine gift of faith-healing. And like too many Christians before them, this superstitious belief brought about the death of their two year old son, Kent. Even though they know the Bible makes this promise of faith-healing to Christians, they do not know that the Bible is NOT the word of God and therefore all of the promises it contains are meaningless and, like the faith-healing promise, harmful and deadly.
Kent died from bacterial pneumonia which is easily treated with antibiotics. But instead of using their God-given reason, Kent's parents, the people who are supposed to do everything they possibly can to protect and nurture him, instead relied on the ancient Biblical superstition of faith-healing and their innocent helpless two year old boy died.
Judge Patrick Dugan hit the nail on the head when he said the couple were "loving parents who also appear to me misguided." They are misguided by the "revealed" religion of Christianity and the false belief that the Bible is the word of God. This clearly demonstrates how critically important it is for all Deists to DO all they can to reach sincere misguided people like the Schaibles before more innocent children fall victim to Christianity and die. This is NOT a game or a hobby, this is life or death reality! Thank God for reason and Deism which is the only way sincere misguided people can free themselves from the catastrophic fear and superstitions of the "revealed" religions! It's our job as Deists to do everything we can to let them know there is a natural alternative to their "revealed" religion that is in line with their God-given reason.

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